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10 Second Quick Quiz

Try to answer each question within 10 seconds (each, not total!). It is entirely up to you to choose whether or not to use the time limit, but I can assure it will be more fun with it!


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#1   Which of the following is NOT a palindrome?

#2   3 boys (Fred, Jim, and Daniel) tried throwing a football. Fred threw it 27 feet, Jim threw it 30 inches, and Daniel threw it 20 yards. In total, how many feet was the football thrown?

#3   When John bought a baker's dozen of doughnuts and he, his wife, and his two children each ate one of them, the amount of doughnuts left over wasn't a composite number.

#4   Which of the following words does not exist?

#5   If it takes 3 hours for 3 machines to build a car, then it will take 960 minutes for 1 machine to build 2 cars.

#6   What word, which is another word for "librarian" has 3 sets of double letters in it? (ex. ...xxyyzz...)

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#7   What African country's capital is "Ouagadougou?"

#8   If I were to take the cube root of 729 and multiply it by the fourth root of 16, what would the answer be?

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#9   The capital of New York (state in the USA) is not New York City.

#10   At the most, how many seconds should it take you to answer this question?




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