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Board Games

Take this quiz to find out if you know all about the stories, rules, and your overall knowledge of classic board games!


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#1   In what money-making game are you constantly trying to be the one player to dominate the market?

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#2   In the original game of Clue, which character is supposed to move first?

#3   What piece in Chess can gain you another Queen?

#4   What is the object of the game of Life?

#5   In Chess, which of the following pieces cannot take an opponent's piece by moving diagonally.

#6   In the original game of Clue, what is the name of the man who is killed?

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#7   In Checkers, you can only have 3 kings before you move a piece in your back row.

#8   Your goal is to conquer the world in which of these board games?

#9   In Scrabble, how many tiles do you start with?

#10   In Candyland, you always go over the bridge on Strawberry Stream.




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