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The Simpsons Super Second

The Simpson family is ready to go with another round of trivia!


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Created By:thompson1


#1   What are the names of Marge Simpson's older sisters?

#2   What is Marge Simpson's maiden name?

#3   In the opening sequence (when the theme is played), where does the entire family sit down?

#4   What does Homer normally do to Bart when he is mad?

#5   What is Moe's (the bartender) last name?

#6   What was the name of Ned Flanders's wife?

#7   Carl's last name is Carlson.

#8   The last name of the owner of the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant is ______.

#9   What is the name of Montgomery's executive assistant?

#10   What is the name of Bart Simpson's fourth grade teacher?




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