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Software Terminology II

Software terminology refers to the various terms used while describing different aspects of computer software. Find out how many terms you are familiar with.


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#1   A well-organized, searchable collection of images available for use within an application is called a ________.

#2   When you use the "copy" command on text or images from one file to paste it to another file, it is temporarily stored in an area of your memory called the ___________.

#3   An image of your computer screen as it looks at a given point in time is called a __________.

#4   In most major software applications, a starting point is provided for creating new documents. All new documents are based on this starting point, which is called a _________.

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#5   Software programs that are written especially to help with the performance of your computer and add more functionality to it are called ___________.

#6   A type of virus that causes no direct damage to files on the computer, but slows it down tremendously by replicating itself, possibly even causing your computer to crash, is called a _______.

#7   Inside most applications, common buttons and icons are grouped into one area which can be accessed easily. This area is called a __________.

#8   In your Windows computer, there is an area on your taskbar that displays the time and several other icons like your network connections, anti-virus status and instant messaging application icons. This area is called the _______ ________.

#9   Although programmers use English-like languages to write their programs, the computer understands only machine language. What is the name for the set of programs that convert code from programming language to machine language?

#10   When you perform a set of tasks repeatedly in an application, most applications give you the option of saving these tasks as a batch, so that you can issue a single command to run a set of commands. What are these small units called?

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