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Bible Bowl - Genesis

Answer these questions pertaining to Genesis of the Bible.


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Category:Religion > The Bible
Created By:spookboy0


#1   How many days did it take God to create the Earth's vegetation?

#2   Who is the oldest man mentioned in Genesis?

#3   Joseph's name was changed to...

#4   Who is the person that didn't die?

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#5   Which of these is one of Joseph's sons?

#6   How many children did Jacob's first wife bear?

#7   Who did Sarai give to Abram to be his wife, since she was barren?

#8   In the flood, for how long did the flood waters prevail on the Earth?

#9   Which two sons walked backwards to cover Noah's nudity?

#10   In the war in the valley of Siddim, how many kings were there in all?




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