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Great Indians

India has produced many great people who made their mark in the world and made the country proud. Here's a salute to these great men and women.


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#1   Who was the first Asian scientist to win a Nobel Prize?

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#2   Who performed plastic/cosmetic surgery much before the 1st century?

#3   Whose works represent the peak of astronomical and mathematical knowledge in 12th century India?

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#4   Who introduced trigonometry concepts in India before the 7th century?

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#5   Who was the first Asian to win a Nobel prize in Literature?

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#6   Who was the first female President of the United Nations General Assembly?

#7   Which woman ruler was a leading figure in India's first freedom struggle in the 19th century?

#8   What Indian ruler was closely involved in the preservation and transmission of Buddhism?

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#9   Indira Gandhi was the first woman prime minister in the world.

#10   Who was the only woman monarch to have ruled in South Asia?

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