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Gears of War

This is a quiz for fans of one of the biggest shooters of 2006.


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Created By:Therulerofthem


#1   The most abundant enemies in the game are the:

#2   The Locusts come from a planet, 3.4 light years from Earth, named Protis.

#3   The character in prison at the beginning of the game is _______.

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#4   Sera was plunged into chaos before what chemical was found?

#5   You get an achievement when you get how many COG tags?

#6   The holes that the Locusts come from are named _______.

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#7   Kim is killed by General Raam.

#8   Which of these is not a weapon in "Gears of War"?

#9   The Locust Queen is the final boss.

#10   The creatures that will attack you in the darkness are called the _______.

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