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First Aid

What do you do when emergency strikes and someone's life is hanging on the line? Take this quiz to see if you have what it takes to help someone who may be in need of medical assistance.


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Created By:FutureMD


#1   Quick! You were just eating dinner in La Appetite when a person sitting near you suddenly drops onto the floor. Being adept at first aid, you run over to the person. What should you do first?

#2   If someone goes unconscious and is neither breathing nor responsive, what should you do?

#3   CPR includes performing rescue breathing and the Heimlich maneuver.

#4   CPR should be performed on an infant possibly suffering from SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).

#5   While in a ski lodge, you hear the girl who just walked in saying, "Mom, my finger is completely numb." You look over and notice her finger is almost purple and looks sort of like wax. Frostbite probably is the cause.

#6   You're eating at La Appetite again when a chef comes running out of the kitchen. "Help!" he shouts, "Help, I'm on fire!" After running over and calming him down, a lady says, "Put some butter on it. That's what my mom always did." You should...

#7   Which of the following is not a way to prevent heat illness for an extended period of time?

#8   You're watching a 3 year old child for the day. Suddenly, the child starts to choke. "Something is in my throat! I can't breathe," the child croaks frantically. What should you do?

#9   One day, your friend asks you whether or not she should take her daughter to the doctor. "She was bitten by a bat," she tells you, "but the bite was small, and it's not like bats transmit rabies." This is correct.

#10   What is the first step to take care of a minor cut?




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