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Big Brother UK

So you think you know Big Brother? Well let's find out with this quiz that will test your knowledge on the celebrity and normal shows!


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Category:Television > Reality
Created By:DaleGriffin


#1   From which novel did the idea of Big Brother originate?

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#2   Who hosts the live evictions of the show?

#3   Marcus Bentley is the voice-over of the show.

#4   Which major company suspended their sponsorship during Celebrity Big Brother 2007 after racism rows sparked between at least two contestants?

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#5   Who is the only contestant to be featured in both Big Brother and Celebrity Big Brother?

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#6   There are similar shows in the US, Italy and Finland.

#7   Who won Big Brother 1 in the UK?

#8   Jade Goody's mum is named Tanya.

#9   Which company runs the show in the UK?

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#10   What is the room called where the contestants go to talk with Big Brother?




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