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A quiz about everything there is to know about "Gilmore Girls".


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Category:Television > Drama
Created By:tukuwakatiki


#1   What is Lorelai's middle name?

#2   What hindered Lorelai from picking up her dry-cleaning in episode 2, of season 1?

#3   Where does Jimmy live?

#4   What is significant about the time 4:03 am?

#5   What were Rory and Dean talking about before their first kiss?

#6   Who did Lorelai meet at a boring conference about "Managing Your Own Inn"?

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#7   What is the name of the episode aired on 1/21/03?

#8   What was on the lamp that was broken in the "That Damn Donna Reed Show"?

#9   Does a prep school called Chilton actually exist?

#10   Who ends up paying Rory's tuition for Yale?




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