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Triangles and Quadrilaterals

The two most common polygons are the triangle and the quadrilateral. These shapes can be further classified based on their angles and the lengths of their sides. See how well you can identify them.


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#1   In a right triangle, which side is the longest?

#2   An acute triangle has ___.

#3   An obtuse triangle has ___.

#4   A triangle in which all sides have different lengths is ___.

#5   A triangle in which two sides have the same length is ___.

#6   Which quadrilateral has only one pair of opposite sides parallel?

#7   What word best describes a quadrilateral that has two pairs of opposite sides parallel (no restriction on the length of sides)?

#8   What word best describes a quadrilateral that has two pairs of adjacent sides that are of equal length (no restriction on the angles)?

#9   Which quadrilateral has four sides of equal length?

#10   To be a square, a quadrilateral must be both ___.




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