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How much do you know about the pink ball we all love?


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#1   At first, what was Kirby going to be named?

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#2   Due to confusion when Nintendo was giving information to its American counterpart, what colour was Kirby on his box art?

#3   Kirby's name came from the vacuum cleaner company of the same name, as Kirby's ability to suck things in is similar to vacuums.

#4   Kirby has always been able to inhale and copy the abilities of his enemies.

#5   Which of the following never appeared in a Kirby game?

#6   Which of the following was never a Kirby ability in a Kirby game?

#7   In Super Smash Brothers, Kirby's sign is a picture of himself.

#8   Which of the following abilities can be used more than three times per swallow?

#9   Kirby has a metal ability.

#10   When Kirby is fighting the nightmares, he takes on an ability. This ability is also an item in the Super Smash Brothers series. What was it called?

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