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Greek Mythology IV - Persephone

How well do you know this character from Greek mythology?


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Category:Literature > Mythology
Created By:Zinovia


#1   Who was Persephone's mother?

#2   Who was Persephone's father?

#3   Who kidnapped Persephone?

#4   Where did the kidnapper take Persephone?

#5   Who witnessed the kidnapping and reported it to Persephone's mother?

#6   How did Persephone's mother react to the news that her daughter had been kidnapped?

#7   What happened to the earth as a result of Persephone's mother's reaction?

#8   Who did Zeus send to bring Persephone back?

#9   Why was Persephone forced to return to her kidnapper for part of the year?

#10   What natural phenomenon was explained through Persephone's kidnapping?




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