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Mythological Creatures and Legendary Beasts

How much do you know about the creatures of mythology and legend?


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#1   What creature of legend has the beard of a goat, the tail of a lion, cloven hooves, and a single horn protruding from its head?

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#2   What creature has the head of an eagle and the body of a lion? With sharp talons and feathered wings, this creature of legend is said to be quite powerful and majestic.

#3   When a griffin mates with a mare, what do you get?

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#4   What mythical creature ignites into flames at the end of its life only to be reborn again from the ashes it leaves behind?

#5   This creature is half human and half horse.

#6   What creature howls at a full moon and can be killed by a silver bullet?

#7   This imaginary creature has a penchant for making mischief on aircraft and other mechanical devices.

#8   This creature is said to have a pot or pots of gold hidden at the end of a rainbow.

#9   These giants are known for their foul dispositions and the single round eye they have.

#10   This creature had the head and tail of a bull and the body of a man. He lived in the center of a huge labyrinth.




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