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Sammy Keyes

This quiz is based on some of the books in the Sammy Keyes series.


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Created By:Gwendafulgirl92


#1   Who is the author of this series?

#2   The author of this series has won the 1999 Edgar Allan Poe Award for Best Children's Mystery Book for which of the following books?

#3   In the book "Sammy Keyes and the Hotel Thief", who is the thief?

#4   Sammy Keyes lives with her friend Marissa.

#5   In "Sammy Keyes and the Skeleton Man", what is the name of the man who lived in the Bush house?

#6   Name one of the three Sisters of Mercy.

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#7   In "Sammy Keyes and the Runaway Elf", the name of the dog she has to watch is...

#8   In "Sammy Keyes and the Curse of Moustache Mary", Sammy and her friends get to meet...

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#9   In "Sammy Keyes and the Search for Snake Eyes", she tries to help a girl named what?

#10   The inspiration for the Sammy Keyes series came from...




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