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Basic Baseball Rules

These are basic rules and regulations of the professional sport baseball.


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#1   If a baseball is hit over the "Green Monster" at Fenway park (Boston's home field) in fair territory, is it a home run?

#2   If you hit the baseball, run to second base, and stay there with no error on the play, what is it ruled as?

#3   What colours are a regulation baseball?

#4   Baseball is a professional sport in the United States of America.

#5   If the count is 3-2, the bases are loaded, and the pitcher throws a ball (a pitch outside of the strike zone on which the batter did not swing), what happens?

#6   If a baseball is "fouled off", what happened?

#7   If the count is 1-2, how many balls and strikes are there?

#8   The ball is hit over the outfield wall/fence in fair territory and one of the outfielders catches it. Is it a home run or an out?

#9   How many stitches does a regulation baseball have?

#10   Before every baseball game, all the baseballs used are rubbed with a light coating of mud.




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