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Find out how much you really know about "LOST".


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Created By:Trickster1992


#1   What are the "cursed" numbers?

#2   What is Hurley's actual name?

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#3   Flight 815 was going to where when everything went wrong?

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#4   Where were they supposed to land once the pilot realized what was happening?

#5   Who is the leader of the Others?

#6   Sawyer's real name is Randy Myers.

#7   What do some of the writers of LOST call the monster?

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#8   At the beginning of the third season, one of the Others did an "eerily good" impersonation of Jack's ex-wife. What was the name of this Other?

#9   Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, who played Mr. Eko, asked for his character to be killed off. Why?

#10   The "scripture stick" was actually the idea of the man who played Mr. Eko.

#11   What is the name of Claire's baby?

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