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Dragon Quest 8

This quiz is all about a game that is part of one of the most popular series in gaming.


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#1   What is the name of the king that accompanies you throughout the game?

#2   The main character that you control in the game is already named Harold.

#3   What is the Lord of Darkness's real name?

#4   Which of these characters did NOT become possessed by the sceptre?

#5   Baumren's Bell is an item that calls a great sabrecat to your aid.

#6   The characters were drawn by the same person who created "Dragon Ball".

#7   The Lord of Darkness's castle is known in the game as:

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#8   Morrie is the name of the main character's pet mouse.

#9   In Farebury, what happened to Rylus's house?

#10   The Kingdom of Trodain is covered in these.

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