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Adventures in Odyssey II

Take this quiz and see how much you know about Focus on the Family's radio drama "Adventures in Odyssey".


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Fun:** (1.17)
Difficulty:*** (2.73)
Created By:WittyKitty


#1   Who said, "Bunglers, I'm surrounded by bunglers!"?

#2   Who said, "I saved the world!"?

#3   Who said, "Welcome to our humble commode!"?

#4   Who said, "He wants to write about Earth, not Mars."?

#5   Who said, "Great! Let's have about an hour of silence for... Binky."?

#6   Who said, "I wanna be real old. Like...22."?

#7   Who said, "Sure! Computers are my area of expertise, as they say. That and a good game of pool."?

#8   Who said, "But it's obvious you're not a kumquat, Jason."?

#9   Who said, "I didn't know it was making you upset."?

#10   Who said, "Yeah, no ghosts here."?




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