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Microsoft Excel 101

How well do you know this spreadsheet program? Test your knowledge with this quiz!


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#1   There is a tool in Excel that allows you to quickly fill up a column or a row with a series of numbers or alphabets, once you key in the first few. What is it called?

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#2   If you have a sheet showing sales of each month in a column, and each product in a row, and you want to see this information in the opposite way (products in the column and months in the rows) how can you easily accomplish this?

#3   If you have first names in one column and last names in another column, which function can you use to easily put both together as the full name in a third column?

#4   Is there any way you can ensure that the data entered into a column follows certain rules that you can set?

#5   When you type in a formula in Excel and copy this formula across the entire column or row, the formula automatically changes to refer to the next column or row. What is this called?

#6   If you do not want Excel to change cell references automatically, but keep the cell fixed in a formula, what do you do?

#7   If you have a repetitive set of tasks that you perform on an Excel worksheet, what is the fastest way to get it done?

#8   When you write a formula in Excel, the references in the formula are limited to that worksheet only. True or false?

#9   We've all done copying and pasting text. What if you wanted to copy and paste a cell format? What is the name of the tool provided to do this?

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#10   If you want to insert the current date and time into a cell, the function to do this is -




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