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"Toy Story" Test

Do you know a lot about Disney/Pixar's "Toy Story"?


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Created By:cdrock


#1   In the first movie, the toys at Andy's house were scared of the dangerous kid next door, Sid ____ (last name).

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#2   What is the name of the restaurant that Woody and Buzz go into dressed as a cup and a hamburger box?

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#3   Which object from the original Toy Story movie was somehow shown in all Pixar films except "The Incredibles?"

#4   Which part of his body does Buzz lose in the original movie?

#5   According to Woody's pull string attached to his back, what does he have in his boot?

#6   What is the name of Buzz Lightyear's nemesis?

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#7   In the Al's Toy Barn commercial, Al is dressed as a cow.

#8   What is the name of Andy's green toy dinosaur?

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#9   Who was the voice of Woody?

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#10   What is the name of the toy car that Woody hits Buzz with to make him fall out the window of Andy's room?

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