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How well do you know the history of warfare?


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#1   According to archaeological records, the first evidence of a major battle was located on the Nile in Egypt where arrowheads were found embedded in skulls. These skulls were dated to be how old?

#2   The earliest recorded battle in India was called what?

#3   What battle marked the end of the era of the Roman Empire and the beginnings of the Middle Ages?

#4   There are how many periods of warfare?

#5   How long was The Hundred Years War?

#6   Gunpowder was first used as explosives for warfare when?

#7   Where was gunpowder invented?

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#8   World War I and World War II fall under what main period of warfare?

#9   When did World War I end?

#10   World War I was known as the Great War, the Trench War, and what?

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#11   When did World War II end?

#12   When did the Korean War end?

#13   When did the Vietnam War end?

#14   When did the Gulf War end?




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