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Hadoken! Part 2

This is just a few more questions about "Street Fighter".


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Created By:Panther91


#1   What does the "R" in R. Mika stand for?

#2   Which of these characters from "Street Fighter Alpha 3" does not belong?

#3   Akuma's original name was Gouki.

#4   Guile's special move is named after a term dealing with sound. What is it?

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#5   Blanka's birth name is Johnny.

#6   Sagat and M. Bison represent what country in "Street Fighter 2"?

#7   In "Street Fighter 3", Urien and Gill are related.

#8   Super Combos were introduced in "Super Street Fighter".

#9   Who is the owner of the Hundred Hand Slap?

#10   Which of these characters CANNOT teleport?




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