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Basketball Terminology

Do you know your basketball terms and phrases?


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#1   After someone has missed a shot, what is it called when the next player successfully gains possession of the ball?

#2   What is the act of bouncing the ball repeatedly? It is required for basketball players to do this in order to move with the ball.

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#3   The ____ shot is taken from the standing position, with both feet on the floor. It is typically shot during free throws.

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#4   Which of these is not a known pass in basketball?

#5   The _______ is taken in midair and allows the shooter to elevate above the defender. Fill in the blank with the type of shot.

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#6   A slam dunk is only considered a dunk if the player grabs onto the rim while powering the ball through the hoop.

#7   A pick and a screen are the same thing in the game of basketball.

#8   A shot that misses the rim and backboard completely is known as what?

#9   A brick is a shot attempt that hits the rim or backboard and misses the hoop badly. In slang terms, the player that shoots a brick is called a bricklayer.

#10   After the defensive team gets a rebound, the next pass is called the ____ pass.

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