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Wicked: Characters, Plots, and Songs!

Test your knowledge of everything "Wicked"; from Glinda to Boq, lyrics to lines! Note: Even if you haven't seen it, "The Wizard of Oz" gives you some info that helps with some of these questions!


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#1   What does Elphaba say to Glinda after Glinda makes a scornful comment about the fact that Elphaba rides on her "ratty old broom"?

#2   Why is Elphaba's family somewhat ashamed of her?

#3   In what song does Elphaba break free from the Wizard's grasp and declare that she won't stand for what he's doing?

#4   Who is the main singer of "Dancing Through Life"?

#5   Who is Nessarose?

#6   Who does Nessarose become by the end of Wicked?

#7   In the song "For Good", fill in the missing word from this line: "Like a seed dropped by a _______, halfway through the wood."

#8   Even though Boq liked Nessarose, who did he really truly love?

#9   What does Glinda call the citizens of Oz when addressing them during the song "No One Mourns the Wicked"?

#10   Where does most of the song "Dancing Through Life" take place?




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