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Adventures in Odyssey

Take this quiz and see how much you know about the family radio drama about a place called "Odyssey".


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Difficulty:*** (2.68)
Created By:WittyKitty


#1   Who said, "Well stuff me with feathers and call me a pillow!"?

#2   Who said, "They put everything on this Maxi-Deluxe Burger except the burger!"?

#3   Who said, "I'm undercover, disguised, incognito."?

#4   Who said, "You had more loopholes than a spaghetti strainer!"?

#5   Who said, "I guess it's good that I ain't normal, huh?"

#6   Who said, "In a certain era, there lived a trio of swine."?

#7   Who said, "So if you don't not know, then you do know! And if you know, that the answer isn't no, then you know that there's no way you can know I broke the window!"?

#8   Who said, "Oh yeah?! Well, you'll all be sorry next time someone falls off a clock tower!"?

#9   Who said, "Hand over the dough, pizza dough that is."?

#10   Who said, "My fishin' spot's deader than a... than a... a dead thing that's dead."?




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