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Thrash Metal

This quiz covers some of the more commonly known facts about thrash metal (bands and various facts).


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#1   What bands are classified as the "Big Four" of thrash metal?

#2   What year was the first thrash metal album released?

#3   Who of these people were kicked out of the thrash band Metallica and later formed the thrash band Megadeth?

#4   Thrash evolved from NWOBHM (New wave of British Heavy Metal) and Punk music.

#5   James Hetfield from Metallica took lessons from the famous Joe Satriani.

#6   Diamond Head and Motorhead were the largest influence to which thrash band?

#7   Which thrash band played "spandex" music before they changed their style to thrash?

#8   In the "Clash of the Titan's" Tour in the 90's, which one of the "Big Four" of thrash bands was noticably not touring?

#9   During 2000-2002, Anthrax met with rap artist Jay-Z and recorded a song together.

#10   Thrash Metal is defined by:




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