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The Nine Gems

Emperor Akbar had nine courtiers in his court who were referred to as the Nine Gems. Each one was famous for a particular skill. Try and identify them!


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#1   One of the gems was the vizier of the great Emperor Akbar and also the author of his biography Akbarnama. His name:

#2   The poet laureate of Emperor Akbar's court and the teacher to the Emperor's son:

#3   A singer par excellence, his skill was so great that by singing certain tunes, he was rumoured to be able to light lamps or bring rain.

#4   This courtier's duties encompassed the overseeing of certain military and administrative tasks, but he was a Gem because of his unparalleled wit and wisdom.

#5   Emperor Akbar's finance minister, who introduced highly effective ways of revenue collection as well as some land reforms:

#6   Emperor Akbar's trusted general, who fought many memorable battles for his Emperor:

#7   Emperor Akbar's stepson and a humble, generous person who had the unusual habit of looking down humbly while giving away alms and never looking at the person in the eye:

#8   An ascetic who was one of Emperor Akbar's chief advisors and was given a place among the Nine Gems:

#9   Another chief advisor to Emperor Akbar, this Gem was also famous for having the rare ability to outfox Birbal from time to time.

#10   Emperor Akbar's court was the only one of its kind to have a special set of courtiers on whom a collective title such as "The Nine Gems" was bestowed.




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