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Basketball Player Nicknames

Can you identify the nicknames of NBA basketball players that are in the Hall of Fame?


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#1   What was "Magic" Johnson's first name?

#2   What was the last name of "Pistol" Pete?

#3   What was the last name of Clyde "the Glide"?

#4   What was the last name of Wilt "the Stilt"?

#5   Whose nickname was "Doctor J"?

#6   Whose nickname was "the Houdini of the Hardwood"?

#7   Whose nickname was "the Human Highlight Film"?

#8   Whose nickname was "the Kangaroo Kid"?

#9   What was "John Havlicek's nickname?

#10   What was Nathaniel Archibald's nickname?

#11   Oscar Robertson was nicknamed "the Mighty Oak".

#12   Jerry West was nicknamed "Mister Clutch".

#13   George Gervin was nicknamed "Glacier".




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