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Microsoft Word 101

How well do you know your word processor? Find out by taking this quiz! Note: This quiz tests your knowledge using Microsoft Word for the Windows operating system.


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Created By:brainster


#1   If you'd like part of your document in portrait form and part in landscape form, Word allows you to do this.

#2   When you want a certain thing repeated on every page at the top of your document, you can do so by using the following feature -

#3   If you need to invite 100 people to a party and you need to send out personalized invitations to each, Word provides the following feature to do this easily -

#4   All Word documents are based on a default template if you do not specifically select any. What is the file name of this template?

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#5   Which shortcut key combination allows you to select text vertically instead of horizontally while dragging your mouse over text in a document?

#6   What is the quickest way to "dress up" a table in Word to look colourful and properly formatted?

#7   If you typed an entire document in uppercase and then your boss instructed you to change it to regular sentence case, you do this with one command.

#8   You've inserted a header and footer in your Word document but you cannot see them. What could be the problem?

#9   Your boss has an extremely long name and you're tired of typing it at the end of every letter you type for him. What can you do to make it easier?

#10   If you want a table that has formulae and calculations, you'll have to first use Excel, calculate everything and then bring the table to Word using a copy-paste.




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