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Chop Sticking - Chinese Cuisine Quiz 1

Test your knowledge of the Chinese foods and beverage culture.


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Created By:OldChinaHand


#1   In ancient China, what fruit was considered a symbol of long life and immortality?

#2   China is one of the world's largest producers of a fruit (producing over 16%) that is native to South and Central America. What is that fruit?

#3   Most commonly called "meat without bones", what staple of Chinese cooking, takes on the characteristics of foods it's served with rather than emphasizing its own characteristics? It can be used and served soft or firm, dried or fermented, even stinky

#4   Which Chinese delicacy is made from strands of gummy saliva and harvested by families that have made their living this way for generations? It is costly and quite popular throughout Asia, perhaps because it has the reputation of being an aphrodisiac.

#5   This dish of flat, green vegetable pods, if French would be called 'mange tout' or "eat it all". But this is a Chinese vegetable, used in salads and in many stir-fried dishes, that you might know as_____.

#6   What food item is synonymous with Chinese restaurants, but not commonly found in Chinese restaurants outside North America?

#7   With over 4,000 years of cultivation this fruit was not introduced into the United States until the nineteenth century, it is commonly called a Chinese date. What is this Chinese fruit that is as popular to Chinese as apples are to Americans?

#8   Many people have enjoyed dim sum at one time or another, but just what does the name 'dim sum' mean?

#9   What American-Chinese dish might be a Cantonese immigrant's dish from the 1800's or the last-minute creation of a Japanese chef who threw together some leftovers late one evening in a desperate effort to satisfy a visiting general?

#10   In China, when Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) first introduced its advertising slogan "finger lickin' good", how was this literally translated into Chinese?




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