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Hermit History

Think you know all there is to know about hermit crabs? Well, let's just find out shall we?!


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Created By:PineappleMama


#1   What hermit crab species is known for its red color?

#2   What species would you most likely find on a beach in Florida?

#3   What species is known as the "Crazy Crab"?

#4   Hermit crabs only need salt water.

#5   Hermit crabs can climb.

#6   Hermit crabs bury their eggs in the sand.

#7   The larger a hermit crab is, the older the hermit crab is.

#8   Some species change shells and some don't.

#9   It is impossible to determine the sex of a hermit crab.

#10   Hermit crabs are aggressive and will kill each other for food, a mate, a shell, etc.




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