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Of Legends and Tall Tales

In the past, many stories were told of great deeds and extraordinary people. Some were real and others were great exaggerations. How well do you remember these legends and tall tales?


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#1   Who ruled over Camelot?

#2   Who is the giant lumberjack with a large blue ox?

#3   Who could ride a cyclone like a bronco?

#4   Who is known as "King of the Wild Frontier"?

#5   John Henry was a steel driver for the railroad who challenged and beat a steam hammer in a contest to prove he was just as good.

#6   According to legend, this pioneer introduced apples to the country as he traveled by foot spreading seeds as he went.

#7   Who had an affair with King Arthur's wife Guinevere?

#8   This man stole from the rich to give to the poor.

#9   In the poem of the same name, what epic hero kills Grendel?

#10   This European legend split an apple that rested on the top of his son's head.




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