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Butterfly Up!

On one of those perfectly ideal days, you stand in your garden with the sun gleaming and flowers blooming. Then a winged insect flies onto your finger. Stunning. You have seen butterflies around, but how much do you know about that beautiful creature? Take this quiz to find out!


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Category:Nature > Insects
Created By:tintiniscool


#1   What is not on the menu for a butterfly's average meal?

#2   Approximately, how many butterfly species are there?

#3   Butterflies can see three colors: green, yellow, and ____.

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#4   Butterflies used to be something else before they were adults. What was it?

#5   A butterfly lands on your finger! What do some think this means?

#6   Butterflies have something called an exoskeleton. What does that mean?

#7   Wow! You see what seems to be the prettiest butterfly in the world! Then you touch it very gently. What happens?

#8   The largest butterfly in the world can get a maximum wingspan of how many inches?

#9   Butterflies taste with their feet.

#10   When butterflies migrate, do they fly together or alone?

#11   Butterflies in your stomach?! What does that mean?




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