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M*A*S*H - Part 3 - The Ultimate

Part three in a series of M*A*S*H quizzes is dedicated to the greatest television show of all time. This quiz is designed for the true M*A*S*H expert.


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Fun:*** (2.18)
Difficulty:*** (2.44)
Created By:say_aah


#1   What musical instrument does Fr. Mulcahy's sister play?

#2   What is the address of Winchester's parents?

#3   What is Radar's mother's first name?

#4   In what year did Winchester graduate medical school?

#5   What size are B. J.'s shoes?

#6   While Col. Potter is away, his horse becomes ill and B. J. calls his father-in-law for help. What is his name?

#7   What is Frank Burns' middle name?

#8   What does Col. Potter's son do for a living?

#9   What is Trapper John's favorite baseball team?

#10   How far is it from the 4077 to Seoul?




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