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Deltora - The Forests of Silence

"The Forests of Silence" is the first book in Emily Rodda's hit series Deltora Quest. How much do you know about this book?


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Created By:G1l-Galad


#1   How did Sharn kill Prandine?

#2   Who ordered the Palace of Del to be built?

#3   What tribe built the palace of Del?

#4   How did Jarred escape the palace?

#5   How many years did Jarred stay at the forge before he went back to help Endon?

#6   What was the best 16th birthday present Lief could imagine?

#7   How did Lief's father hurt his leg?

#8   Which of the following was the original starting destination for Lief and Barda on their quest?

#9   What was the treasure that Gorl thought Lief and Barda had come to steal?

#10   How did Gorl end up dying?

#11   The Topaz connected with the dead while Jasmine was holding it. Who did the Topaz connect with?




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