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Do You Have This Phobia? V

How well do you know the names for the phobias that almost everyone has one or more of? Watch for the clues!


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#1   If you have Ablutophobia, you may not enjoy using soap.

#2   If you have Acarophobia, you may want to keep your nails cut very short and avoid mosquitos.

#3   If you have Acousticophobia, you might have a very large supply of earplugs!

#4   If you have Agliophobia, you should try to avoid playing football and should be very careful when handling knives or other dangerous objects.

#5   If you have Agyrophobia, you probably will not volunteer at a school to help children who walk home.

#6   If you have Amaxophobia, you probably avoid taxi rides and may choose to walk or ride a bike.

#7   If you have Amnesiphobia, you may be afraid of losing memories.

#8   If you have Anablephobia, you may not enjoy reading sky writing, trying to find the Big Dipper or watching a soaring eagle.

#9   If you have Ancraophobia, you may not enjoy sailing, being outside during Autumn when leaves are blown from the trees or sitting on the lawn when socks move and chimes play.

#10   If you have Angrophobia, you probably avoid arguments and being provoked.




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