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The History of the British Empire

Test yourself with this quiz on the history of the British Empire.


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#1   The British Empire began with maritime explorations in which century?

#2   After which war did most of Britain's territories become independent?

#3   Complete this sentence: "The ___ never ___ on the British Empire".

#4   In what year was Newfoundland claimed for Queen Elizabeth I?

#5   At one point, many European Countries began to establish colonial territories in a certain continent. Complete this phrase: "The Scramble for _____".

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#6   Britain lost all colonial territories at the end of the empire.

#7   An island in the Atlantic became the last territorial acquisition of the British Empire in 1955. What was it called?

#8   What European nation wants Gibraltar's sovereignty returned to them?

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#9   What war was sometimes called, especially in US newspapers, "The Empire Strikes Back"?

#10   Which of these was once part of the empire?




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