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The Battle Of Hastings

The Battle of Hastings changed the course of English history, and had worldwide political and social effects. See how much you know about this historic event.


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#1   The Battle of Hastings was fought between:

#2   The Battle of Hastings was actually fought at Stamford Bridge.

#3   Six months before the battle, the English people saw a great, bright object in the sky. This was later identified as:

#4   The Battle of Hastings happened in:

#5   The attacker had the blessing of the Pope in his endeavor.

#6   A pictorial account of the battle is included in:

#7   The invader brought his ships across the English Channel and landed at:

#8   Early in the battle, a volley of arrows let loose by the attacker was rendered ineffective by:

#9   How long did the battle last?

#10   Which key player was slain at the Battle of Hastings?

#11   The outcome of the Battle of Hastings affected England's:




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