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Red Dwarf - Characters and Actors

How well do you know the "Boys from the Dwarf"?


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#1   Which dwarfer was a host for "Scrapheap"/"Junkyard Wars"?

#2   Danny John-Jules has been in which Hollywood blockbuster?

#3   Whose middle name is Judas?

#4   Which guest was the lead singer for the New Wave band "Altered Images"?

#5   What American actor who guest starred on Red Dwarf has also guest starred in an episode of "Black Books"?

#6   Aside from appearing on "The Fast Show"/"Brilliant!", which Red Dwarf guest star has also been seen in almost every Harry Potter movie?

#7   Who was found in a box as a baby?

#8   Which comedy series has Norman Lovett appeared on?

#9   Most American audiences probably know this actor from the "Tomb Raider" movies rather than "The Brittas Empire".

#10   Which character underwent a sex change operation between Series II and III?

#11   Craig Charles has mostly done guest appearances, but which other series has he starred in?

#12   Who was resurrected after an accident involving the waste disposal and a fourteen pound lump-hammer?




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