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The Battle of Bosworth

This quiz involves an exiled nobleman, a princess, a reputed tyrant, and the disappearance of two young boys. When the king of England died in 1483, his young son, acclaimed as the new king, was imprisoned in the Tower with his little brother. Later both boys disappeared and were allegedly murdered. The usurper took the crown and began to execute anyone with royal blood who could have a claim to the throne. How much do you know about this period in English history?


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#1   What were the names of the dead king and his elder son, acclaimed as his successor in 1483?

#2   The dead king's queen took all her children and fled to sanctuary.

#3   Who was the man who seized the throne?

#4   The usurper married the eldest daughter of the dead king.

#5   One failed attempt to topple the tyrant was made by:

#6   An exiled nobleman whose lineage made him eligible to rule was encouraged to fight for the crown by:

#7   The Earl of Richmond gathered an army to fight the false king for the crown.

#8   The challenger received significant financial assistance from:

#9   A good account of the Battle of Bosworth was written by:

#10   The challenger's army was as large as the usurper's.

#11   Records show that the false king slept poorly the night before the battle, possibly because:

#12   Swords were the only weapons used in the Battle of Bosworth.

#13   The usurper charged through the battle trying to kill the challenger.

#14   In Shakespeare's account of the battle, the false king cried out loudly for a horse.

#15   When he lost his horse, the false king:

#16   According to tradition, the crown:

#17   How long did the Battle of Bosworth last?

#18   The casualties in the challenger's army were light compared to those of his enemy.

#19   The victor of the Battle of Bosworth was hailed as:

#20   The Battle of Bosworth resulted in:




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