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Kitchen Quiz

Are you a kitchen whiz? Think you know all your mom's tricks? Let's find out if you know all of mine!


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Category:Entertainment > Food and Drink
Created By:PineappleMama


#1   Other than flour and cornstarch, what is another ingredient used to thicken sauces/gravies without altering the taste?

#2   What type of pan is used to make a cheesecake?

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#3   Cilantro leaves come from the same plant as what seed, also used in cooking?

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#4   To avoid pulling all the meringue off of your pie when slicing, what should you do to your knife?

#5   What are traditional Mexican tamales wrapped in?

#6   To make the best auto-drip coffee possible you should:

#7   When a recipe asks for softened butter, it's okay to substitute melted butter.

#8   Teabags are the most effective method for brewing.

#9   A small quantity of paprika can be used to help in browning fried foods without altering the taste.

#10   If you're frying chicken and a fire breaks out you should douse it with water.

#11   Only mothers and grandmothers are good cooks.




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