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How Well Do You Know Animals? Quiz 3

Take this quiz and see how much you know about animals.


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Category:Nature > Animals
Created By:wannamarryharry


#1   There are such things as hairless cats.

#2   Beavers usually live and function alone.

#3   Pigeon poop can carry up to sixty diseases.

#4   Sea lions have tusks.

#5   Male lions always hunt for their own food.

#6   The largest bird of prey is a vulture.

#7   The biggest bear is a Kodiak Bear.

#8   The fastest cat is a tiger.

#9   A joey, a baby kangaroo, grows up in its mother's pouch.

#10   A koala is a type of bear.

#11   A platypus is a mammal that lays eggs.

#12   The loudest monkey is a howler monkey.

#13   A dolphin gives birth underwater.




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