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Polar Bear Postulations

Think you know all about those fuzzy white cuties? Let's find out.


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Category:Nature > Animals
Created By:PineappleMama


#1   What is the scientific name for polar bears?

#2   What international company, founded in 1886, has used polar bears in their advertising?

#3   What color is a polar bear's skin?

#4   What polar bear organ has been known to poison humans if they eat it?

#5   Polar bear fur turns purple as they age.

#6   Polar bears only hunt on land or ice.

#7   Polar bears are the third largest land carnivore.

#8   The polar bear is also known as the sea bear.

#9   Polar bears typically only have one cub at a time.

#10   Mama polar bears nurse their cubs for about six months.

#11   Of all the bear species, polar bears are least likely to prey on humans.




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