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Foods in the New Testament

Food plays an important role in the symbolic language of the Bible. How many of these foods do you remember?


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#1   While in the wilderness, John the Baptist ate _____ and wild _____.

#2   John the Baptist called Jesus the "____ of God".

#3   Jesus's first miracle was the turning of water into _____ at a wedding feast.

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#4   Simon Peter earned his living by catching _____.

#5   Jesus said that His disciples are the _____ of the earth.

#6   In one of Jesus's parables, what starts as the smallest of seeds but grows into the largest of garden plants?

#7   When the prodigal son returned home, his father killed the fattened _____ and threw a feast.

#8   Because it bore no fruit, Jesus cursed a _____ tree and it immediately withered.

#9   At the last supper, what food did Jesus say was His body?

#10   Eggs are mentioned in the Bible.

#11   Peter had a vision in which he was instructed to kill and eat some unclean animals. Which of the following could have been one of the animals?




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