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Stargate SG-1

These are some basic questions about the science-fiction show "Stargate SG-1".


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#1   Who was the leader of SG-1 for the first years?

#2   Who replaced Daniel Jackson in season 6?

#3   The Stargate can always be held open indefinitely.

#4   How many symbols need to be 'dialed' to connect to a planet?

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#5   How do you say "Stargate" in Goa'uld?

#6   Who is the commanding officer of the SGC after General Hammond, Dr. Elizabeth Weir, and Jack O'Neill?

#7   Who are Earth's main enemies for the first part of the show?

#8   Who was the first person to go through Earth's Stargate (after 1000AD)?

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#9   What is the first planet Jack O'Neill goes to through the Stargate?

#10   Who has never been on the team of SG-1?




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