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Our Amazing Bodies

How well do you know the human body?


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Category:Science > Biology
Created By:princesspt


#1   About how many times in an average human's life does their heart beat?

#2   It takes about __ muscles to smile and __ muscles to frown.

#3   Bone rots faster than cartilage.

#4   How long does it take for one red blood cell to circle the body?

#5   The skin on a human body secretes antibacterial fluid.

#6   If you swallow a bite of food, then stand on your head, will the food come back out of your mouth?

#7   What is the highest "sneeze speed" record ever recorded?

#8   Which gender breathes more per minute on average?

#9   The average person eats about how many pounds of food per year?

#10   How many bones does the average baby have when it's born?




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