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The Birds

"The Birds" is a classic Hitchcock movie. Some would say it is Hitchcock at his best. How well do you know "The Birds"?


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#1   Which actress was introduced in "The Birds"?

#2   "The Birds" is based on a short story by:

#3   The postal clerk tells Melanie that the little Brenner girl's first name is:

#4   What color is Annie Hayworth's mailbox?

#5   What gift does Melanie leave in the Brenner's living room?

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#6   Where does Melanie tell Mitch she met Annie?

#7   Veronica Cartwright, who played the young Brenner girl, later had a lead role in what classic science fiction movie?

#8   What type of bird swarms down the Brenners' chimney during dinner?

#9   What type of bird attacks the school children as they leave the school?

#10   What is the avocation of Mrs. Bundy?

#11   What type of bird attacks the downtown area of Bodega Bay while Mitch and Melanie are in the Tides Restaurant?

#12   Once they are all hunkered down in the Brenner farm house, which character becomes hysterical?

#13   During the movie, Melanie's complete wardrobe consists of a green suit and a flannel nightgown.

#14   Alfred Hitchcock always makes a cameo appearance in his movies. What was his cameo in this movie?

#15   "The Birds" had no musical score.




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