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Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow

See how much you remember about the original Pokémon games in this quiz.


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#1   What is the name of the Pokémon professor who gives you your first Pokémon?

#2   Which of the following Pokémon is considered a starter?

#3   Professor Oak's grandson is your rival.

#4   The routes in Kanto are numbered from 1 to 30.

#5   What is the name of the first city you arrive in (not the city you start in)?

#6   What is the name of the malicious Pokemon gang that you encounter throughout "Pokemon Red, Blue and, Yellow"?

#7   Who is the leader of the malicious crime organization?

#8   When you defeat the leader of the malicious crime organization, the organization will disband.

#9   What are the names of the eight Gym Leaders in "Pokémon Red, Blue, and Yellow"?

#10   What is the name of the cave you must travel through to reach the Pokémon League?

#11   What is the name of the Pokémon League?

#12   Who are the members of Elite Four (not including the Champion)?

#13   Who is the Champion of the Pokémon League?

#14   Which of these Pokémon are not Legendary Pokémon?

#15   After completing the Pokémon League, what is the final task?

#16   Which Pokémon is the final #151 Pokémon in the Pokédex?




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