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U.S. State Quarters II

Can you match the U.S. states with the picture on the back of their quarter?


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Created By:cdrock


#1   Which state quarter has a picture of the state's "Statehouse," and shows the words "The Old Line State?"

#2   Which state quarter has a picture of two magnolias, and shows the inscription "The Magnolia State?"

#3   Which state quarter depicts an early aircraft and an astronaut?

#4   Which state quarter honors one of the state's most unique natural attractions, "The Old Man of the Mountain?"

#5   Which state quarter shows the three ships, Susan Constant, Godspeed, and Discovery?

#6   Which state quarter displays a pelican, and a trumpet with musical notes?

#7   Which state quarter includes many musical instruments and the words "Musical Heritage?"

#8   Which state quarter includes a Palmetto Tree, the Carolina Wren and the Yellow Jessamine?

#9   Which state quarter displays an image of a race car superimposed on an outline of the state?

#10   Which state quarter features a design of the statue, "The Minuteman?"




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